Macchiato Design and Marketing

is the communal initiative of three individuals who had set foot into uncharted waters of entrepreneurship in their early 20s. They seek to build businesses and the people that come along with them

They have lofty ambitions to change the world, through their voice; translated through your works.

Our People

The Boss Lady

Jae first established her foundations in the field of Architectural Design. After being exposed to the world of Venture Capitalism in the Startup community, she immersed herself into a different world of design- branding and marketing.

Not only does she run Macchiato Design and Marketing to the finely mechanized machine that it is; she also mentors a team of young aspiring entrepreneurs as a way of giving back to the community so they may increase their social, knowledge and financial capital.

To be a part of this group, grab a Macchiato with her here. She is the full-bodied espresso in Macchiato – a taste that is acquired!
The Muse

Ada’s roots ran deep in the field of Business and Furniture Design. She pursued her tertiary education in Product and Industrial Design in Temasek Design School before taking flight into the world of events and marketing.

After seeing higher grounds of what could be, she decided to embark on the path of entrepreneurship to breakthrough her own plateaus. She guides a team of aspiring young entrepreneurs to use their passions to fuel their dream lifestyle.

To learn how to utilize your passions, grab a Macchiato with her here. She is the frothed milk that tops it all off – a bubbly character!
The Mechanist

Guoxi started off as an apprentice in the field of Engineering. Having worked in the startup scene and gained valuable experience from running his first business, he has a mind that searches for a systematic way to get to the nook and cranny of things.

He finds for the most time-cost effective ways for our clients’ pain points and orchestrates our work processes to better deliver projects in a timely manner to our clients so they may have enough time to grab their afternoon cup of coffee!

To understand how to quit your corporate job one day, grab a Macchiato with him here. He is the dash of cinnamon – a spicy personality!
The Magician

Jarron began crafting his talent in design with Temasek Design School after being offered placements with renowned Junior Colleges in Singapore. The Lee Kong Chian award winner graduated with recognition and is looking to move on to the world of Architectural Design.

He is the Head of Design for Macchiato Design and Marketing and was scouted for his creative mind and talent! He is the added flavor of cocoa to strengthen your dose – a bold individual!